Top Tips To Go Beyond A Walk In Woods

June 1, 2022 0 Comments

Mother Earth is very welcoming in most matters, especially if you take the time to go there with respect. I will warn you, it may happen that in rare matters you will receive a refusal to enter the forest. It is in your best interest to honor the “no” you have felt or heard. This does not mean that you can never go, it just means that today is not a good day. I am sure that you have had moments in your own life when the enjoyment of visitors remains the best for another day. In the many years I have spent in the countryside, there have only been two occasions when I have been rejected. Don’t take it personally. It may be that during the time you are asking, something is happening that is not safe for you or the creatures there. Who knows? Try another place or another day. Honoring what you heard or felt about coming in is part of learning to trust yourself and your inner direction.

Once you have entered it, walk as if each of your steps contained a prayer. That’s what the elders ordered me to do. Walking in this way makes you aware and fully present for what is happening around you. Notice the landscape, the play of light and shadow. Listen to the Song of the Forest or the Country. When you experience wild animals, stop and reduce your energy. Wait for what you’re doing. I always send a thought to the creatures to tell them that I am not doing them any harm. If this also applies to you, the animal may even get closer. You may not be ready to meet some of the wildlife. That’s fine; don’t forget to include that in your request and intention. A fear of bears is treated by including a page in your entry request. Add something similar like: “Thank you for not meeting a bear today.”

Over the years, I have experienced a multitude of awesome interactions. Often I find a place and sit down. After a while, the birds begin to sing again. If they are patient, the animals begin to do their business. You can see elusive creatures when they are sitting silently. Once I saw a gray wood wolf while sitting for a while.

Go with your instincts. Perhaps you feel the desire to lie down on the earth. Try it! You might be surprised to feel an actual hug. We are all her children and a hug from this mother nourishes and comforts. If there is a fork, take the one that calls you. The one you have chosen is the right one for you. Trust yourself.

When you are ready to leave the forest, stop again where you entered. A Prayer or a Thought of Gratitude. “Thank you for the walk in the countryside and all the gifts and beauty that have been granted to me.”I include tobacco or corn meal in my gratitude. Now you are ready to return home. This is not the end if you go beyond a walk in the forest. Remember the beings you have met. At the beginning of this post, I told you that Mother Nature has designed your walk to your liking. Doing a little research on the wildlife she visited will help you better understand your forest walk.

In the teachings of the Native Americans, each living being in nature carries certain characteristics. When you learn what it is, you will illuminate the gifts contained in your walk. There are many resources for those of us who, in our childhood, did not have teachings from Native Americans. I recommend “animal Speak” by Ted Andrews. He included the understanding of different tribes in this manuscript. It’s a good Start. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the Native American aspects of the creatures you experienced on your walk, you will gain insight, understanding, and blessings specific to your life. You can even decide to write these things down. Keeping a notebook “beyond a walk in the forest” can be revealing.

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