Slot Canyons of the American Southwest

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While travelers are familiar with the sprawling vistas and fantastic formations of Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon, few can experience these iconic national parks off the overcome path. With bus tours, crowded streets and busy trails, most visitors miss a quieter experience with the magnificent monuments of the Southwest, including secret places revealed by our experienced guides. This makes our Approach better:

Experience all the wonders and all the hassle

Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon are some of the most popular parks in America and coveted destinations around the world. It is imperative to book accommodation months in advance, and requested Park pavilions often fill up within a few hours if space is provided annually. Most visitors action with hundreds of other visitors for the sights and juggle brochures, maps and guides. When you travel with us, you don’t have to worry about anything: we provide the best accommodation options, offer excellent interpretation services and show you the hidden corners of the parks thanks to our “Insider” knowledge.

Small groups led by two expedition leaders

Our trips are limited to 13 travelers and only 10 to photo outings. Each is led by two expedition leaders, for maximum flexibility, quiet experiences with nature and personalized Service. We divide ourselves into even smaller groups that travel in two vehicles, which can reach places that buses cannot reach, while offering the opportunity to practice different activities that correspond to different body abilities.

Private helicopter flight over Bryce Canyon

Gain a rare and exciting perspective on the canyon walls and the pink sandstone Hoodoos “forest” on a 30-minute private helicopter flight. Our plane flies low and slowly, offering panoramic views and photo opportunities that you can’t get on the ground.

A quieter Grand Canyon experience

For a less crowded Grand Canyon experience, choose our North Rim itinerary. More isolated and difficult to reach, the north rim gives an idea of what the Grand Canyon was like decades ago, when the predominant noise was the wind in the pines and you could walk along the edge without a large crowd. But we know that some visitors do not want to miss the famous South Rim. Although it has more people and sidewalks than its counterpart above the chasm, it is also historic, home to the classic village that originated in the 1930s. But again, our experienced Guides will take you to more remote places — less frequented viewpoints and little-known trails – so that you can enjoy the splendor in peace.

Participate in classic and unique activities

Of course, we include coveted highlights, such as a hike through the Narrows to Zion and an optional Grand Canyon mule tour (only on The North Rim route). But we are also adding more unusual attractions and activities that most visitors do not have access to. Our expedition leaders know this region perfectly and introduce you to the corners, cultures and local characters that really make you alive.

Enjoy personal relationships with local residents

While the geology of the southwest is Canyon Country’s biggest attraction, the region’s human history is also fascinating. From Native Americans to Mormon pioneers, from cowboys to local residents, explorers and settlers of the Canyons have inspired their fellow human beings for eons. You’ll meet some of the locals who have a history here-and have a few stories to tell.

Hunting for the best Light for Photography

Overhead sunlight is a dominant midday feature in the desert southwest. But it doesn’t offer the best views of Canyon Country, let alone the photos. That is why we aspire to lighting conditions that amplify the geological drama that we have seen. We get up early to capture the first rays of the dawn sun, plunging the rock formations into a vermilion glow. When the morning sun rises, it reveals a changing Palette that modifies the natural bridges, cliffs and walls of the canyon. And we linger at sunset, watching the colors shine, deepen and fade.

Spend the night in the most sought-after Places

We choose atmospheric hostels and Lodges because of their atmosphere and proximity to nature, including two famous hotels in the parks — Bryce Canyon Lodge and Grand Canyon Lodge on the north shore. Staying in these beautiful rustic inns, which are a classic part of the National Park’s heritage, adds to your experience — and you don’t need to look for reservations that are almost impossible to get on your own.

Our Guides know the country perfectly

With decades of collective experience, our nature guides know where to find the “less frequented trails” to observe wildlife and enjoy impressive views. They have secret places where we can avoid the crowds of tourists who besiege the busiest places in the parks, and they inform you about all aspects of the fauna, geology, natural history and indigenous cultures of the area. With many surprises up their sleeve, our expedition leaders share a side of Canyon Land that most visitors miss. See the BIOS of the expedition guides with traveler comments on the quality of our guides.

Expert coaching during photographic visits

If your goal is to take great photos of these classic landscapes, choose a special camera for photographers of all levels. One day longer than our regular itinerary, the photo tours take a slower approach, giving you time to be patient with lighting conditions and elusive wildlife. Your expedition leader is an accomplished photographer and instructor who knows the difficult photography conditions of the high desert light and gives you all the personal advice you need to improve your skills and come home with memories to be proud of.

Our quality guarantee guarantees an exceptional Canyoning experience

With Natural Habitat Adventures, you benefit from our exclusive Guarantee which clearly indicates that we meet the high expectations that we have formulated in our promotional materials. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious Guarantee of an adventure travel company. Read our important promise.

Feel good about your climate neutral trip

We care a lot about our planet, just as we know they do. When you travel with us, the carbon emissions of your trip are 100% offset, including your return flights from home. Natural Habitat Adventures is the first climate-neutral travel agency in the world since 2007.

Natural Habitat Adventures is a travel partner of the World Wildlife Fund

Because of our commitment to eco-friendly travel and the exceptional quality of our small-group nature experiences, the World Wildlife Fund, the world’s largest environmental protection organization, has designated Natural Habitat Adventures as its worldwide travel partner – an award that makes us very proud!

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