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Costa Rica is a nation committed to nature conservation. With 28 National Parks, 58 nature reserves and many other nature reserves, Costa Rica offers so much to see and do that planning a trip on your own can be overwhelming. However, for more than three decades, Nat Hab has been guiding visitors through the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Take advantage of our Expertise! We set up a smooth and well-coordinated itinerary that matches your interests and will provide you with one of our best expedition leaders as your personal Guide!

We take the hassle out of helping you maximize the fun

If you are planning a vacation on your own, spend a lot of valuable time researching, looking through maps and making reservations to find out where to go and what to do. We have done the work and the guesswork: when you travel with us to Costa Rica, you benefit from our experience of more than 30 years in the country. Because we have already tried all the details of your itinerary and you are traveling with an experienced naturalist guide, you will see, do and learn much more!

A NAT Hab expedition leader directs each private descent

Unlike most companies that simply book travelers at different hotels, resorts and lodges, or perhaps send a driver to transport them from one place to another, each Nat Hab private departure includes the full service of one of our professional expedition leaders for the duration of your trip. We cannot emphasize enough the value of this feature — Costa Rica is diverse and complex, and our Guides are experienced naturalists, experienced interpreters of all facets of the breathtaking nature of the country. You will get away with a much richer experience than if you had traveled alone. Our NHA expedition leaders have an average of 20 years of experience and are also trained by the best WWF scientists. See the BIOS of the expedition guides with traveler comments on the quality of our guides.

A tailor-made itinerary that reflects your travel dreams

Of course, we can design your itinerary to include the popular Costa Rican highlights that you’ve always wanted to see. But our in-depth knowledge also allows us to take you to less visited places that you may not know and to hidden treasures where you can see wildlife up close, away from the crowds of tourists. Over the years, we have built relationships with a number of interesting people in the field and we like to offer our customers experiences that they would not otherwise have access to.

We are experts in designing trips for small groups

Our scheduled departures are also designed for small groups, because this is how nature trips are best experienced. But an individual trip goes even further: your private adventure is explicitly tailored to the needs and interests of your group, whether you are traveling with the immediate family, several generations, more than one family, a group of friends or business partners. And because we divide our groups into small vehicles, they have access to wilderness areas that travelers can’t reach with larger buses — and that casual tourists don’t know about.

Choose from a wide range of activities

There are no cutting routes here – they call the activity, we organize them for you! There are countless possibilities: walks in the rainforest, horseback rides in the jungle, bird and butterfly watching, zip lining, rafting, volcano watching, visits to coffee plantations, volunteering at a wildlife research base… In addition, our experienced expedition leaders have a lot of local connections and personal connections and can take you to places and places that others cannot organize. We use our extensive national network to organize a trip that includes everything — and everything — you’ve been dreaming of.

Our vehicles are designed to travel comfortably in nature

Many tour operators in Costa Rica rely on large buses or simple vans that lack a good suspension – this is no fun on the sometimes bumpy roads between destinations. However, our minibuses are first class: extremely spacious, with high ceilings, large windows, a wide corridor and plenty of space between the seats for plenty of space to spread out, enjoy the passing views and take photos. The independent front suspension and other stabilization functions ensure a smooth ride on rough roads in natural areas.

Our Quality-value Guarantee guarantees your exceptional individual adventure

To customize your trip, Your personal adventure specialist will work with you every step of the way to make sure your trip is exactly what you are looking for. And as with any Natural Habitat adventure, you benefit from our exclusive Guarantee, which clearly indicates that we meet the high expectations that we have formulated in our promotional materials. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious Guarantee of an adventure travel company. Read our important promise.

Feel good about your climate neutral trip

We care a lot about our planet, just as we know they do. When you travel with us, the carbon emissions of your trip are 100% offset, including your return flights from home. Natural Habitat Adventures is the first climate-neutral travel agency in the world since 2007.

Natural Habitat Adventures is a WWF travel partner

Because of our commitment to eco-friendly travel and the exceptional quality of our small-group nature experiences, the World Wildlife Fund, the world’s largest environmental protection organization, has designated Natural Habitat Adventures as its worldwide travel partner – an award that makes us very proud!

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