Mexico Awesome Migration Millions of Butterflies

June 24, 2022 0 Comments

Visiting the monarchs of Mexico in their secluded winter quarters is an unusual natural experience that few travelers have access to. Our complete itinerary offers you a lot of time among the butterflies, as well as the opportunity to enjoy authentic cultural experiences in the remote mountain communities that we visit. Only NAT Hab offers this rare complete adventure!

Make three different visits to the Monarch Sanctuary

Very few companies offer tours to observe the migratory phenomenon of Mexican monarch butterflies. Of those who do, only one day trip to a sanctuary is usually offered. Our complete package includes a complete itinerary including three separate visits to the Monarch Sanctuary with all accommodation, meals and round-trip transport from Mexico City.

Our small groups act lightly

We limit our Groups to about 16 people. And the photographic visits are limited to 12 to ensure personalized photographic advice. Small groups reduce our environmental impact, and an devoted context is essential for a quiet and wonderful experience with butterflies.

Enjoy authentic cultural experiences

Unlike most butterfly tours, which are just day trips to a single sanctuary, we also offer various cultural experiences to enhance your authentic Mexican experience. In Toluca, an indigenous settlement founded in the thirteenth century, we will visit the Cosmovitral botanical garden and stained glass windows, and at the resort of Valle de Bravo we will visit the lively market of the old colonial town.

Mexican accommodation & local cuisine

From a comfortable hostel in the small mountain village of Angangueo to a luxury resort in a wooded area of the Sierra Madre, our accommodations are chosen for their authenticity, charm, natural environment and access to the sea. We also enjoy homemade dishes based on fresh local foods that reflect the cultural heritage of the region.

Their presence makes a difference for the future of monarchs

Their experience is enhanced by knowing that our presence is essential for the survival of butterflies: visitors demonstrate to locals that ecotourism can be a more viable and sustainable source of economic well-being than the exploitation of resources.

Our guide / traveler relationship ensures personalized service and attention

While the number of Guides who guide your trip depends on the number of group members (usually no more than 16 and only 12 for photographic trips), the maximum guest/Guide ratio is never more than 8:1. this ensures a calm and low-stress experience with butterflies.

Exceptional expedition leaders with unparalleled experience

Nat Hab has a well-deserved international reputation for employing the highest quality expedition leaders in the industry. Our Guides have years of experience and extensive training as naturalists. And you get additional resources from the best WWF scientists. The photo tours are guided by a nature guide, who is also an experienced butterfly photographer, who will help you take exceptional photos of the monarchs. See the BIOS of the expedition guides with traveler comments on the quality of our guides.

Our Quality-value Guarantee promises an adventure with superlatives

With Natural Habitat Adventures, you benefit from our exclusive Guarantee which clearly indicates that we meet the high expectations that we have formulated in our promotional materials. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious Guarantee of an adventure travel company. Read our important promise.

Feel good about your climate neutral trip

We care a lot about our planet, just as we know they do. When you travel with us, the carbon emissions of your trip are 100% offset, including your return flights from home. Natural Habitat Adventures is the first climate-neutral travel agency in the world since 2007.

Natural Habitat Adventures is a WWF travel partner

Because of our commitment to eco-friendly travel and the exceptional quality of our small-group nature experiences, the World Wildlife Fund, the world’s largest environmental protection organization, has designated Natural Habitat Adventures as its worldwide travel partner – a designation that makes us very proud!

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