Awareness About Approaching Your Sit Spot

May 1, 2022 0 Comments

Let’s imagine that your seat is a tree stump not far from your back door, maybe a two-minute walk away. The path leads through the door and up to the seat stump, doesn’t it? Isn’t it the idea of getting there and absorbing nature in yourself? Well, no. Going to your seat is more than a mechanical habit of “getting there and sitting down”.

How is it in your place when you’re not there? Animals, birds, insects, plants and other living things simply do what they do, usually peacefully. This state is called the baseline. The less you interfere with the baseline on the way to your Spot, the faster it returns – 20 to 30 minutes faster – and the more likely you are to be accepted as part of the baseline. That’s when the Magic happens: when nature accepts you as part of itself.

The Preparation begins, before opening the Door. At first, you slow down. You send your attention through the door and imagine what could be there. Could there be a bird or a small living creature on the ground? If so, you will see it or never know it was there.

Open the Door carefully. Feel the air. Is the sky cloudy or clear? What does the Wind do? Are there any birds or animals in sight? Are there any spiders or insects waiting for you to notice them?

What has changed since the last time this Door was opened?

If you move slowly to your seat, pay special attention to the birds. They can tell you that a cat or a deer is moving just out of sight. When you pass Corners or trees, bends on the way, hills or rocks, your field of vision changes. Look at the edges of the visible and the edges of the open areas. Do not look in, but in the bush or darker areas. Stop for a moment every now and then to see the movement and look around. You will be surprised how many living things slowly move to The shelter and disappear as they approach.

Carefully approach your stump. At some point, you may notice that you feel something like awe when you arrive. Look around slowly, then sit down slowly. Develop your awareness with eyes, ears, nose and skin.

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