All You Know About The Roar

May 20, 2022 0 Comments

Such a lesson and the basis for all this insult came from a bright-eyed high school student from Utah after exploring Grand Teton National Park for a week under the guidance of a handful of passionate educators and outdoor enthusiasts. After finishing the week and sharing his appreciation, this student, let’s call him Will, wanted to thank us for reintroducing him to “The Roar”. Without asking us, perhaps because he could read our confusion and our intrigues, he clarified that “the roar” is a feeling that is not easy to explain.

“You feel it,” Will explained, “when you’re out there and you know you’re part of something bigger. Something Special.”Will went on to describe how he most often hears this roar when he is floating in the fresh snow on his Snowboard, but that you can hear it almost everywhere… if you listen.

We all grew up outdoors. Car trips to national parks, lobster fishing families in the North Atlantic, a secret inner desire to escape from city life or skiing on steep lines in the Wyoming mountains played their own role in bringing us together. Yes, we all loved nature for a number of reasons, but it was almost impossible to find a common denominator – until now.

The roar is the feeling that nature can and arouses in all of us; to go out, explore and exceed our limits. It is the rumble that drives extreme skiers to climb larger cliffs, botanists stop to take a closer look at a passing wildflower, or an occasional hiker stops and thinks. This roar attracts people to nature for the first time and makes them come back again and again. This roar buzzes during unique sunsets and is even louder when huddled under a rain fly during the most severe thunderstorms. The one who really hears it knows the beauty of both.

Will succeeded. It is this roar that has brought us all into nature, and it is the same roar that attracts countless others to get out and explore it. Everyone can hear it, but not everyone is listening. Put your ear to the floor and find your roar. Follow him. Struggle with it. Hunt the highest mountain, descend into the deepest valley, cross vast oceans and dark forests or cross the vast expanses of nothingness.

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