All About Wild Hearts That Not Broken

May 5, 2022 0 Comments

I thought my heart was broken. Smashed into a billion pieces. I couldn’t get out of the ceiling nest I had created on the floor. The hurt in me when I found out that the person I loved had a second life seemed irreparable to me. Like a boundless chasm from which my most precious organ had been torn away. The third day I rolled on the ground, I realized that I was choking on my own grief, forcing me to load the bike into my old Ford pickup and drive to the Katy Trail, my favorite trail in The universe. I don’t remember how I put the strength to lift the bike into the truck, or how I managed to ride 50 miles that day on an empty stomach, but I remember this ride as my salvation.

And I don’t mean the forces, as you might think. Our hearts are not “hardened” by nature, but they animate and animate our hearts, thus making us vulnerable and strong at the same time. By her grace and example, she reminds us that life is fluid, that security is an Illusion and that ultimately we must accept and accept the changes we face. Nature teaches us that there are natural cycles of pass away and birth, sunset and sunrise, days and nights, and that our heart must also follow these cycles.

Conversely, Western civilization preaches that we should cling to beauty, youth, money and power. We are brainwashed to believe that loosening is weak and that maintaining it is of the utmost importance. We are led to believe that we are separated from nature, that our lives are not parallel to nature. That things don’t have to change if we have the right things or the right Look or the right Position. No wonder so many lost and broken hearts are going through this country.

However, when we get to know the desert more closely, when we spend hours embraced in its goodness, when we change our worldview from exploitative to sacred, when we really establish this connection and forge a bond, it is something that cannot be broken. In a sense, we are going to you. And we share his wild heart.

I parked my bike on a bench on the Missouri River. A couple Of eagles dived for the fish. The massive poplar tree above me stood like a watchman above the water. Stripped of a-sheets and stoic, he had gracefully entered his own Phase of silent reflection. My breath came out squeaky and bitter. I screamed in the frozen air, I screamed over the flowing river. And the world; she accepted all my anger and pain in her echo. I suddenly felt a silent acceptance in my heart, like an ointment rubbed into the parts of me that I thought were broken.

As I was walking home in the Waning light, a powered realization with the clear north wind hit me, a realization that my wild heart could not be broken. I saw that there would be cycles of sadness and Euphoria and great love and loss, but as long as I maintained my sacred attachment to the wilderness and accepted myself as part of their masterpiece; my heart would remain wild and whole until the end. I smiled at the trees as I passed spinning wheels and the planet spun with me, away from the sunlight and into the night.

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