About The Space Between Sea and Sky

May 9, 2022 0 Comments

In this blog post, I wrote a first-person story about my experience of the sea in a small port in New Zealand. As you read, I invite you to evoke the sensations that you feel when you are in a place that is most sacred to you, and we can share these feelings with each other.

It’s tomorrow. I take a deep breath and look at the water. He beckons, always like glass. The sun’s rays slowly dissipate the fog that hides the other side of the port.

I am the only living being in sight, even the seabirds have not yet visited this shore. There is a peaceful calm of the ocean; everything is calm, except for the omnipresent lapping of the waves on the sand.

I walk gently in the water and gently put my feet on the slippery stones underfoot. Slowly, I lower my paddle. The noise he makes when he touches the water and the soft lapping as he sits there are music in my ears. I’m coming in. My heart beats and sits in a rhythm, both delighted and reassured by the feeling of being back on the water.

I paddle slowly out of the bay. When I arrive in the middle of the river, the sun discovers the paddle board and me and bathes us silkily in its joyful morning glow. I stop paddling, I stand still, I feel my eyes become blurred. As I breathe deeply, I feel joy gushing within me, the same joy that I receive every time I am on or in the water. It’s a sweet happiness, it’s peaceful. It’s a sweet song that comes from inside me and awakens my feelings when I realize that I’m letting him stay quiet in the city for so long. To imagine it in my head, it is a gently sparkling golden glow that starts just under my breastbone and shoots outwards until my whole Being feels light and free.

My mind, with each deep breath, escapes from my sad city body, walks on the water, dances on the tips of the waves, glides in the hollows. I couldn’t hold my mind when I was trying, not out on the water. It works and if I’m lucky, my body doesn’t hold it back. Take a deep breath, The salty air fills my lungs and cleanses my body of the Stress and anxiety it brings day after day. My mind gallops in the invisible space between the sea and the sky. It floats as far as my eyes and beyond, the beauty of the ocean too big for it to stand still. He must be dancing in the salty wind! Am I rocked by the waves or am I rocking them? I am closely related to the board, the paddle, the sea and the sky, I don’t know where I stop and nature begins. We’re one.

This story is from my recent experience on my Paddleboard. I find that if I stay in the city for too long, I get stressed and anxious. In these times, only the sea can free my wild spirit from my tired body. And the good thing about it is that every time I reconnect with nature, it’s a little easier to push away the stress of urban life.

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