About The Lessons of Summer

May 17, 2022 0 Comments

Daylight saving time is different in the regions of North America. Depending on the location, it can be lush and green, dry and warm or wet and humid. Regardless of the location, Summer is a time when everything is strengthened. Life is busy growing and developing. We, too, are growing; perhaps in consciousness, in experience or in understanding.
Most of us are busy at this time of year. We are in nature, spending time with family and friends, using longer days and completely packing them up. Relationships are one of the most remarkable features of the South. In the summer, you will have the opportunity to experience relationships in their intensity. If you feel that things are enlarged, you are right! Everything is increased during this period.

In the local Tradition where I was taught, Summer is the seat of fire. It makes sense if you remember how intense the summer was. Fire burns and it can be destructive when it is free, but it also transforms. In the teachings of the Aborigines, fire is sacred; it represents the spirit. That is why fire is always present in prayer ceremonies such as the sweat lodge.

The coyote is one of the totemic animals of the South. Other aborigines may have other animals that hold a place of pass away in the south. Coyote or his energy manifests itself when we take life too seriously. In the past, I moved in a circle during the summer. It was common for me to get lost while driving. It was the coyote in the game that reminded me to light up and laugh at myself and the seriousness of everything I was doing. One of the things he teaches is that laughter helps to break the narrowing of gravity. He lets in light so that the divine can offer: a solution, a wonderful gift or a beauty.

The little mouse is the other totemic animal of the South. Although the little mouse does not like to travel far, she knows her immediate environment perfectly. He is very aware of what is happening around him. The little Mouse is a good housekeeper. For every thing there is a place and he knows exactly where he is.

Faith, trust and humility are aspects of the teachings of the South. These three qualities are present in every teacher. Everyone needs to learn how to work with fire. Coyote carries them with him in his applications to rebalance them. He uses them indiscriminately to help them get all three. The little mouse keeps you very close and is a powerful teacher for every feature.

Earlier, I said that the lessons of the summer, from the South, are fast and can be difficult. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed or slipped to the side. Knowing these concepts, you can feel more comfortable with the lessons of the South, summer. Understanding gives you some tools with which you can work during this intense period.

When traveling to the countryside or with friends and family, pay attention to what grows in you and in your relationships. Consider how to add lightness and laughter to your life and gatherings. Call Coyote to help you get rid of worries or take life too seriously.

Consider Your Budget. What’s up? Are you able to find what you need right away? The little mouse can teach you how to keep an orderly house both in the body realm and in your mind.

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